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Northern France Countryside
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Use the menu bar as shown above to access pages in this site such as Home, Wildlife, Accomodation, Prices, The Village, News, Contact Us, About Us and the Area Map. This menu bar appears at the top and bottom of each page and is common to all pages. To access the sites pages simply hover your mouse pointer over each word (such as 'Wildlife' for the wildlife page) so that a line appears under the word. This indicates that this is a link to another page. To go to this page just click on the word with your mouse.

This is the first page of the site which contains basic information about our birdwatching and wildlife tours. It also shows several wildlife photographs and countryside pictures which you can enlarge (see enlarging photographs below).

This page contains detailed information about all the birds, mammals, flowers and insects that you may see during our tours. It also contains numerous wildlife photographs which you can enlarge for closer inspection (see enlarging photographs below).

This page details the accomodation available at our house Place de L'Eglise in Averton, Mayenne. There are photographs of our house and the interior on this page which can be enlarged (see enlarging photographs below). There is also information on local Gites on this page.

This page includes a detailed list of all of our prices such as full board, half board and full weekly costs.

The Village:
This page contains a brief history on Averton village in Mayenne. It also has details of shops and local toilet facilities. There are also photographs of the village, our house, Merdereau and the local church which can all be enlarged (see enlarging photographs below) on this page.

This page contains information on wildlife sightings in Mayenne Nature Environment. There are yearly detailed lists of bird, mammal and insect sightings in this area. You can also enlarge the bird, mammal, flower and insect photographs on this page (see enlarging photographs below).

Contact Us:
This page contains all the details you will need to contact us. It shows our address, telephone number and fascimile number. There is also a facility to email us and also a method where you can tell a friend about us.

About Us:
This page has details about Northern France Wildlife Tours and the people involved. It also has information on our qualifications, experience and wildlife talks.

This page has a map of the region which can be enlarged for closer inspection (see enlarging photographs below).

Enlarging Photographs:

To enlarge photographs just hover your mouse pointer over the word 'here' and a line will appear under it. This indicates that this is a link to the enlarged photograph page. To go to this page just click on the word 'here' with your mouse and you will see the enlarged photograph.

Printing Pages:

This button appears at the bottom of all major pages so that you can easily print out the content of each page. Just click on this button to print out a specific page. You can try this out by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page. This will print out the details contained in this help page.

Home|Wildlife|Accommodation|Prices|The Village|News|Contact Us|About Us|Map|Links

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