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Northern France Countryside
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La Grande Brière:
Garganey, Bluethroat, Black Tern, Whiskered Tern, Sacred Ibis and Night Heron.

Sacred Ibis
Sacred Ibis in flight
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Saumur and it’s environs:
Little Bustard, Stone Curlew, Montagu’s Harrier, Rock Sparrow and Lizard Orchid.

Lizzard Orchid
Lizard Orchid
Photo - Sally M. Seager, Surrey
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Multonne Forest:
Melodious Warbler, Crested Tit and Firecrest.

Bellebranche Forest:
Black Woodpecker, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Middle-Spotted Woodpecker.

Young Black Woodpecker
Young Black Woodpecker
Photo – John Waterman
Sevenoaks R.S.P.B.
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Reserve de Beauguillot:
Kentish Plover, Marsh Harrier, Avocet, Black-winged Stilt.

Carenton Marshes:
White Stork, Bluethroat and Great White Egret.

Forêt d'Orleans:
Breeding Ospreys, Breeding Booted Eagles and Short-toed Eagles.

In addition:

Locally, there have been an increased number of sightings of Black Stork, Beech Marten, and Wild Boar.

Spring/summer records should also include a few species of Fritillary and Swallowtail butterflies, Hummingbird and Convolvulus Hawk-moths.

Based on recent years, the weather should be excellent. Sun tans not guaranteed - but expected!

In most years in Mayenne there are sightings in double figures of:

Great White Egret

Great White Egret
Great White Egret
(Click here to enlarge)
Purple Heron
Stone Curlew
Yellow-legged Gull
Black Woodpecker
Melodious Warbler
Golden Oriole
Red-backed Shrike

In 2012:

The year started well with 24 Great White Egrets at Gue de Selle. Hen Harriers were noted throughout the year. 8 pairs of Black Redstarts bred in the village. 5 pairs of Serins were on territory in Villaines( 2.5 miles away). White Storks were seen locally.

White Stork
Photo – Jacky Kenwood
Black Winged Kite
Photo – Andre Perigois

Long-eared Owls bred in a neighbours garden.Hobbies were seen locally throughout the summer.The year ended with 4 Black-winged Kites( 2 adults and 2 imms.) nearby and the return of the Wallcreeper to the walls of Le Mans cathedral.

In 2011:

2011 started well, with Wallcreeper on the wall of Le Mans Cathedral for the 4th consecutive year.

Photo – A. Davis
St Mars du Desert
(Click here to enlarge)

In 2010:

Hawfinches were still wintering in Gue de Selle car park. Serins again on territory in Villaine-la-Juhel. Goshawk, Honey Buzzards and Black Woodpeckers seen at Bellebranche. Spotted Flycatchers, Hen Harriers and Black Redstarts seen regularly.

Purple Hairstreak butterfly seen at Fôret de Multonne.

July: Hornets are now nesting in the Black Woodpecker's nest hole. Queen of Spain Fritillary seen at Jublains.

Queen of Spain Fritillary
Queen of Spain Fritillary
Queen of Spain Fritillary
Photo - Matthew Dexter
(Click here to enlarge)
Queen of Spain Fritillary
Photo - Liz Broomfield
(Click here to enlarge)

Long-eared Owls bred in a friend's garden (three young raised).

Lizzard Orchid
Long-eared Owl
Photo - Jackie Kenwood
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